I was riding along and started to feel a slight vibration. I stopped and walked around and didn't see anything. About another 30 miles and it got worst, I stopped again and this time as I walked around I rubbed my hand over the tires - passenger rear trailer tire had a belt separating and would have eventually blown, atleast this way I get to change it on my terms not in a bad area or it blows and damages the trailer or a car I'm hauling.

Know how your truck sounds, where stuff is, how it feels... Could save you a dollar or too... 


“Full Safety” helps to get you home the same way you left.  Time is money and I know we all want to get loaded and back on the road, but on and off the road SAFETY should be your main concern. We have to think of why we are out here, provide for family and love ones, build a successful business, but none of that can happen if we are hurt or worst. STAY SAFE.... 

Let us keep you as upto date with laws and regulations that will help in keeping you and your equipment on the road as safe as possible and legal. 

2011 International 4300


*** First and Foremost I'll take ANY HELP and ADVICE for this SWAP.


 I got a deal on a running 2011 International 4300 ($4500) with a 2010 MaxxForce 7 6.4L engine. I was not aware of the issues with the MaxxForce engines, I just wanted to get a heavier truck than a dually for transporting cars. The truck has blow by so I was just going to bore it out and rebuild the engine, but from reading that would just be a temporary fix as they don't last long. So I was just going to sell the truck and buy something else until running across some articles on Ford Powerstroke to Cummins swaps. The 6.4 in the international is the same block and heads as the Ford but the externals are different, that got me to thinking i could just swap the engine to a Cummings( I Kind of Like the Truck). I want a reliable truck as I'm a Owner Operator and need my equipment to work as this is how i provide for my family. This will be my first engine swap and I will take advice and help from all. 

My plan is to go ahead and pull the 6.4 and sell it for parts to help with the cost of the build. If you need something please let me know (Send us an Email ) The engine is running no knocks or sounds just blow by. I will video it running before selling anything off of it. If you know of any sensors or component that I need to keep let me know. I'm gonna keep the

  • - alternator
  • - AC compressor
  • - most sensors
  • - wiring harness


I've watched lot of the videos on 6.4 to Cummins 5.9 and fell ok about the engine working but really concerned about making the transmission work with the engine. I'm going to start the search for and engine now, if you have any recommendation on which 5.9 to use please let me know Send us an Email . 

Here is the plan:

  1. 1. Remove and start selling the 6.4 engine and parts
  2. 2. Find the right 5.9 Cummins engine
  3. 3. Depending on engine inspection (rebuild 5.9), 
  4. 4. In the garage build the wiring harness on the engine
  5. 5. Purchase or build transmission plate, motor, AC, & alternator mounts
  6. 6. Start to install / fitting engine in truck
  7. 7. Hopefully start smiling because all is working like it should. 



A Peak into Our Vision is to Help…

We want to pass on some of the trick and tips we have learned over the years. If we can save you a dollar or two, or get you back on the road from a break-down faster then we have fulfilled our purpose.

I can’t stress the importance of knowing your equipment, from knowing how your trailer is wired to be able to fix a lighting issue, to know how to replace a hub and bearing/seal kit (or atleast have one with you so a repair guy can fix it). See if  you’ve heard or seen this before, someone comes up beside you blowing the horn or you look up to see smoke from axle or worst a tire and hub has run off the axle. Your in the middle of no where and with a full load on the trailer its impossible to make it 35-45 mile to the next town large enough to do the repairs. But if you had the items in the toolbox you could put the hub on and and use a spare tire and be back on the road in about an hour for about less than $100 in parts, verses 3-4 hours(if  your lucky) to get a repair service call out for $5-600, plus $2-300 in marked up parts. And the worst of it all is the potential new customer that has to be delayed or you may loose by all of this.

Our Vision: A few SIMPLE things and your on your way to a less stressful/profitable business.